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Rasha Calm Sea

With deep insight into the prosperity of our dear country, Iran, we started our activity in the field of maritime transportation in southern ports and the forever Persian Gulf. Thus, given the difficult economic and trading conditions before all Iranians and with the help of the business people and traders in dear Iran who have remained active over these turbulent days and through the economic risks of the country, we are proud to have provided the grounds for them to make the economy of this land stronger and more prosperous with peace of mind. 

We believe that our customers are the largest assets of this complex, which is why we respect them and do our best to achieve the highest satisfaction of our dear customers. Choosing our company is definitely a safe choice for business people, traders, and those active in the transportation industry, and the administrative and executive staff of our complex are proud to play their part in the development of the country among these noble customers.

We will be at your service with all our power to build a prosperous Iran.

Air transportation

Our extensive experience in air cargo Shipments combined with our global network and strong relationships with major commercial airlines allows us to provide fast, reliable air freight services at competitive prices

Road transportation

Road transport is one of the oldest ways of moving Goods, which is suitable for transporting many goods in terms of price and speed. At present, most of the Goods in the world are transported by acute route.

Sea transportation

Relying on strong communication and technical knowledge and using the best shipping lines (container transport), rasha daryaye Aram Company is able to offer the best competitive prices of all marine products from the port of origin to the port of destination